We proudly collaborate with the following product brands, integrating many of them in our treatments and of course selling them as home care products to our customers.


Alexander Sprekenhus is a Norwegian skin care brand with a unique story. Sprekenhus is inspired by the island community of Vega in Northern Norway, where the interaction between humans and nature has given Vega status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sprekenhus combines tradition with innovation to unlock the benefits of high-quality natural ingredients. Argan oil has always been at the heart of Sprekenhus formulations, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The journey of creativity and experience has become a skin care range that provides a long-lasting sense of well-being. The unique way in which Sprekenhus cooperates perpetuates the passion for creating design and formulations that contributes to its surroundings. The great interest in minimalistic and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Alexander Sprekenhus’ approach. They include only high quality, well researched formulations as well as using utilitarian containers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

My Equa

Sustainability is something that is very dear to our hearts and Equa makes it possible to be aware of your body, style and environment all at the same time. These very stylish premium quality products follow strict codes of ethics while keeping you well hydrated.

Proper hydration plays a major role in our health, helping to maintain beautiful skin and nails, lowering the risks of chronic illnesses and reducing fatigue. By choosing sustainable materials for the bottles Equa are reducing the carbon footprint. Not to mention how many plastic bottles you spare the nature from by re-using the Equa glass bottle again and again. So far Equa has helped avoid 651 million single-use bottles from polluting the environment and Sweet Treat will be supporting this amazing company by selling a variety of Equa bottles at the studio.


L’Oxygéné is Nailberry’s multi-award winning, luxury nail polish range. L’Oxygéné uses patented technology to deliver a healthier manicure with no compromise on colour vivacity, shine or longevity – something we’re especially proud of. We exclusively apply patented technology to deliver breathable, oxygenated and water permeable polishes. Keep your nails healthy, strong and looking pristine with our beautiful new rose scented treatment range. Explore formulas enriched with acai extract, argan and sweet almond oils, antarctic black algae, keratin peptides, and many more nourishing ingredients! The spirit of the Nailberry brand has a sensitivity to health & wellness and a respect to the environment & nature. All of our activities are formed with the sentiment of our values at its core. Colour your nails healthy! We strive to deliver a healthier manicure and are our proud to be formulated to be 12 Free, Certified Vegan, Cruelty Free & Halal.

The story so far: Nailberry was founded in 2012 by Sonia Hully. The brand started life as a luxury Nail Bar based in Chelsea London and swiftly transitioned into a range of multi-award winning premium polishes. When Sonia noted her high profile clientele were continuing to experience dry and damaged nails whether it was the result of lifestyle, pollution, or from the semi-permanent gel manicures, she went about developing a range of polishes that would help combat their concerns. The result was the award winning L’Oxygéné range. Using the latest in patented technology the L’Oxygéné range delivers colour in a healthier manicure. The range has since been complimented with an extensive range of Nail Treatments exclusively designed to further treat and repair damaged nails.

vita liberata

Vita Liberata began life as an anti-age skin care line back in 2003, and it is with all this knowledge that founder Alyson began to explore the formulation of self tan in 2007. Determined to remove all the barriers to use that were normally associated with self tan, her focus came to reality in the creation of Vita Liberata with its Moisture Locking and Odour Remove technologies. With a fast drying quality and natural-fade, Vita Liberata’s vast assortment of formulas was able to suit the need of all consumers. 

Vita Liberata are using the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas for the most natural looking tan. The products are hydrating, fast-drying and odorless. They have been created to feel like nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural sun tan.Take your skin out for a spin and get the organic, high glow, non-toxic and odourless tan that everyone keeps talking about. With Vita Liberata you can do just that. By avoiding the harmful sun exposure you also maintain a youthful look longer and make a life long investment of self-care for your skin. Get your luxurious glow going with these amazing self tanning products from Vita Liberata, available now at Sweet Treat. They are organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic, odourless and give you a natural looking tan that lasts!