Lashes & Brows


Your face already has all the components to be beautiful. By framing your face with the perfect symmetry Brow Styling gives you, your beauty will be enhanced even more. A Lash Lift will make your eyes pop and draw attention to the eyes. Combine these and there will be magic. The following treatments are our top three, click here for the complete list.


Dreaming of long, curved but natural lashes without damaging them with toxic glue and falsies? Yes?

Then a Lash Lift is definitely for you. 

The secret behind the success of our Lash Lifts is the French brand Yumi. With the vegan, non-toxic and hypoallergenic formula each eyelash is gently curved onto a silicone mold placed on the eyelid. While the lashes rest on the mold they are also tinted for a darker shade at the same time. 

The lashes will appear much longer and thicker giving you that open-eye look, lasting 8-12 weeks.

90min | 89€


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coming soon...


Our eyebrow specialist analyses your facial geometry and works out the perfect eyebrow shape and color suited for your look. The products we use for this treatment are by the French brand Yumi.








50min | 59€